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February 04, 2009


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stop smoking

Yeah the recession was felt everywhere..even in the football world..and some clubs were in debts up to their throats and were becoming financially very unstable...clubs like Liverpool (I am not a supporter nor a Liverpool hater..just facts) were in that point I think 200 million in minus and still are..the best job of the window at the time was done by Spurs..bringing Robbie Keane back was the best move and made most impact at the time...along with the Palacios signing..and again this years pre-season window was again best used by the spurs..maybe not the highest signing..but they got Niko Kranjcar for 2-2,5 millions..and the player was worth at the time at least 5-7...and know I don't think anone could get him for less than 10-12....


I think that realmadrid can win all rest games if all players play for madrid without being selfish for example we say to higuan to pass the ball to his partener if they are in good position .you have to give all players chance to make goals for madrid not for you...thanks

FC Barcelona News

This year was even worse, what was it? 150 million spent on the last day of the transfer between Chelsea and liverpool and 35 for Carroll what a joke like. Think its time for some type of regulation on spending more than you earn.

The Value Bettor

Man City still spending, though it will be an interesting couple of days as Chelsea are rumoured to be making moves and Arsenal must be desperate for a centre back by now.

Tan Bulut

The situation would be worse, if it wasn't for the Russion and Arab billionaires, who are trying to prove, well, whatever it is. Even Barcelona borrowed money from Katar, you know.

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