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December 05, 2008


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Can't see Ronaldo leaving United. This is not a David Beckham situation: Ronaldo is a much better, more important player. I guess you never say never in the world of sports marketing though. How about Ibra joining Ronaldo at United instead?

Thomas Kerner

While I think both scenarios are very unlikely, I think we'd be more likely to see Ibra move to Man U before we see CRon moving to Inter. Based on what Man Utd has already turned down, it is doubtful that Inter would have the funds to make a deal like this happen, even with Nike's input.

Your point about sports marketing, though, is well taken -- my guess is this whole story was cooked up to get Nike and CRon a little more free publicity -- as if they need any!

Live Premiership

Who cares? He's way over rated...Let him go by himself...


ronaldo is the best player, i think its not possible that there going to buy him too...

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